What the Schmuck did you say?!




Chris is a Cleveland native with a love for sports. He joined the Navy in 1993 and served 4 years in the world’s greatest navy. After exiting the service Chris many travels lead him to Arizona where he went to culinary school and worked with many fine chefs for 17 years. He is a family man with rich life experiences and knowledge aplenty. Chris looks at each subject from all angles and offers a bounty of reasons one should listen to him and not Darren on the greatest podcast that man has ever witnessed. 2schmucksandamic for life




Darren began his life calling at an early age in Rochester, NY. Even as a youngster his mouth would never stop flapping and always found himself disagreeing with everyone. As much as he loves to argue, he has an even stronger love for the game of baseball and the New York Yankees. Just don’t mention the 2001 World Series, the 2004 ALCS, nor bring up the demolition of old Yankee Stadium. Unless severe loudness and an explosion of extreme rage is what you’re looking for. That is exactly the type of passion that he will be bringing to the mic; along with controversy, excitement, and comedy. There will be no political correctness coming out of the mouths of these two schmucks!


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